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Nice backhoe, light budget

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Nice backhoe, light budget

Mini excavators with a weight of 3.5-7.5 tons are trustworthy and easy to maintain - simply worth the investment! They are practical for narrow work conditions with barriers. Their sizes allow you to work fast and untroubledly in limited space. With the high-technology functions of fast loading, real-time flow, pressure adjustment, adjustable frame, boom, and replaceable track, you can be sure that the small excavators will bring the most for your work.

Medium excavators are excavators with 20 -34 tons of weight. They are excellent choices for customers. They are built with a hydraulic system, which has been proven to strengthen their body structure and understructure. With this, we ensure the efficiency and stability of your long working hours in extreme work situations with a long-distance checking system, a real-time dynamic check system for excavating, and a long-distance error analyzing system.

Large excavators are excavators with 35-80 tons of weight. They are ideal for heavy excavating and large construction work, such as airports and damn. They come with a fast engine and fast-digging performance along with an energy-saving system and automatic speed reduction system.

In comparison to the previous models, this new model has 8-10% more features and is more than 10% energy saving. Moreover, it can work with other excavators and accessories efficiently. With its new and high technology design, the machine is strong and durable and lasts 50% longer than the previous model. Apart from that, new excavators can be equipped with many different accessories, such as long and pointy heads of excavator's arms for different uses.

Small Excavator

Medium Excavator

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