Drill Rig

VDO clip, a modern drilling rig factory with excellent production technology. It gives you confidence that SANY machines, drill trucks, rigs can work well. great efficiency

Drill rigs rotary drill rigs are  classic machines with high efficiency, flexibility, and fuel saving system. It is suitable for hard ground drilling, piling, แบบหล่อ and civil engineering work. It comes with high technology hydraulic system and big, strong chassis to ensure the work’s efficiency and safety.

Safe and comfortable operator cabin
The operator cabin is made with high-quality materials and a luxurious interior design. With a panoramic view, impact-reduced seat, and noise canceling feature, you can fully focus on your work efficiently.

High-teach Manufacturing
The assembly of SANY's machines is divided into two branches: RGV manufacturing and automatic welding robot manufacturing. Robotic manufacturing can ensure that our products have the correct, strong, durable body structure.

Convenient maintenance
- For changing engine oil, the draining valve was designed to be outside of its lid, so you don’t have to remove the lid.
- The lid is also big and can be opened and cleaned immediately, which is easy to maintain.