Small Excavator

Small Excavator

Mini excavator is SANY excavator, size 3.5-7.5 tons, suitable for working in tight spaces. with an obstruction Reduces anxiety at work good in confined spaces Can be used for multipurpose Whether it is garden work, construction work, digging pipes, digging soil, digging channels, drilling, clearing areas, adjusting areas, demolishing buildings, demolishing buildings, etc.

The SY35U is a Zero Tail Swing type excavator with a short tail end. which the end of the excavator It does not protrude from the track. The SY55C and SY75C are Conventional Tail Swing, standard excavators with a tail that extends beyond the track.

The excavators SY55C and SY75C are suitable for canal work, pipe construction, and landfill work. They are ideal for open-space construction work with fewer barriers.

maintenance and maintenance Mini excavator is easy to maintain. and check the equipment before use and after use strong structure make the mini excavator work stably in a long time or work in narrow spaces easily SANY mini excavators are designed To facilitate daily maintenance as well.

SANY mini excavators are easy to move. Can be moved by trucks, light trucks, for mini excavators of 3.5 tons, can take a wheelbarrow. used for moving For convenience, speed and easy to move to work in various places.

SANY excavators are available in various sizes. to suit the use of each area and different usage patterns The Sani excavator is divided into 3 types. Medium Excavator is an excavator ranging from 13 tons to 25 tons, suitable for digging soil, digging ditches, construction work, digging wells, digging, making roads, demolishing buildings, clay pits, sand pits, tough in every job. heavy Save fuel Large Excavator from 35 tons to 80 tons, suitable for heavy excavation work such as mining, hard soil excavation Construction of dams, airport works, drilling works that require large machinery

Mini excavator (SY35U) Swing characteristics

Zero Tail Swing

Excavators with zero tail swing have a short rear body, so they can fully rotate around. They are suitable for narrow working spaces.

ลักษณะของรถขุด Zero Tail Swing
ลักษณะของรถขุด Conventional Tail Swing

Conventional Tail Swing

A standard excavator with a tail that extends more than 10 cm above the track, suitable for working in the open air. less obstruction Because if the car is spinning around There will be a part of the rear of the car protruding from the track. Make the balance of mining better than before.

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